Your Attention Please

The last couple days, I’ve just been sitting around an awful lot. Not feeling particularly productive.

There has been excessive porch sitting with family on the porch at our cabin in Estes Park, Colorado.

I thought (and planned) on doing a lot of writing. But instead, just sitting and staring. At sunsets. And clouds. And all the other stuff God created.

All the sitting and staring has me curious about some things … like why does God change up the sky every single day? There have been some so beautiful that I wouldn’t mind at all a repeat or two.

Just look at that those cotton candy clouds. I would have taken a duplicate.

Another thing. I’ve seen some amazing nuances in nature. Like this morning, there were all kinds of little moths on the screen door.

I saw this one.

Pretty, huh?

And then I spotted this one.

So delicate. Practically translucent. And unbelievably transitory. Did you know moths only live about a week? All that work for just a week of glory.

The moths hung around on the door for a bit – and then they were gone. I just got a peek at them.

Just like the sunsets. And the cotton candy clouds.

The beauty bursts on the scene as if in some kind of unconstrained expression. Splendor for just a few seconds of unadulterated attention given to the Creator.

Thank you, God.

I guess all this sitting and staring has been pretty productive after all.