The Texas Painted Church Experience

Learn about the faith of early Texas church founders as you experience the grandeur of the historic Texas Painted Churches in Fayette County with your guides Susie and Will Davis, Jr.

Experience the Glory of European Style Cathedrals in the Lone Star State.

The Texas Painted Churches were built in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. While many are unassuming on the outside, step in and feast your eyes on frescos, trompe l’oeil, and exquisite stained-glass windows. They are visually magnificent but they also tell the story of the faith of early Texas founders. We are the descendants of men and women who couldn’t imagine life without a place to worship the God they loved. That love, legacy and faith are clearly evident in these amazing painted churches.

What if a trip with the Davises to small town Texas could leave you inspired creatively and spiritually?


Meet Susie and Will at their historic home, The Franklin (circa 1904), in La Grange, on Saturday November, 11th.


Receive your travel itinerary. Meet fellow enthusiasts. Load in a comfort van to be chauffeured to churches.


See and learn the story of four beautiful, historic Texas Painted Churches in Fayette County near Schulenburg.


Then it’s back to The Franklin where you’ll receive a snack box of goodies to take on the road to home.

For us, this is more than just a historic tour. It’s a spiritual experience.

What Do You Get?

  • Enjoy a Mimosa & Coffee Welcome at The Franklin with Susie and Will Davis.
  • Transportation provided in a comfort van from The Franklin to each of the area churches.
  • Tour FOUR Texas Painted Churches in Fayette County. 
  • The Texas Painted Church Devotional written by the Davises.
  • The Franklin’s Fayette County Favorites – the Davises guide to all of the best of all things in Fayette County including historic sites, restaurants and shopping.
  • A Snack Box of Goodies for the Road to enjoy on your way home.

How Does It Work?

  • Meet at The Franklin at 10 am on Saturday November 11th for coffee, morning goodies and of course, mimosas. We can’t wait to get to know you!
  • While at The Franklin, receive a map/itinerary + devotional and an overview from the Davises.
  • Then you’ll step aboard our comfortable passenger van and travel to four painted churches in Fayette County.
  • See the churches. Discuss the art and scripture in each church. Consider our state’s spiritual legacy. Apply devotional lessons learned from our spiritual fathers and mothers. You’ll learn about and be encouraged by the deep Christian heritage of our great state.

Meet your Hosts

Susie and Will Davis, Jr. co-founded in Austin Christian Fellowship nearly 30 years ago. Both native Austinites and small town Texas fans, they purchased their historic Victorian home, The Franklin, to share as a short term rental with people visiting La Grange, near Round Top.

Will is a history major, seminary doctoral graduate and author. He is the Senior and Teaching pastor at ACF. Susie is a teacher, author and podcast host. Susie’s love for all things small town Texas as well as her flair for southern and spiritual hospitality plus Will’s knowledge of Texas history, the Bible and the Church make the Davises the perfect couple to lead you through The Texas Painted Church Experience in Fayette County.

The Texas Painted Church Experience in Fayette County:

  • St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Ammansville.
  • Saints Cyril and Methodius Church in Dubina.
  • St. Mary’s Church of the Assumption in Praha
  • Nativity of Mary, Blessed Virgin Catholic Church in High Hill.
  • All photos here are trademarked and courtesy of Emily Boone Photography There will be an opportunity to purchase prints at The Franklin or contact here for more information.
  • 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the listed churches upon completion of the Texas Painted Church Experience.

Let’s Go!

Join us for The Texas Painted Church Experience. Have fun, be inspired and learn about the spiritual heritage of Christians in the great state of Texas.


This trip is for you, you and your spouse, you and your daughter, your son, your mother, your father or your best friend. Whether you want refreshment, inspiration or you’re just curious about the beauty and history of the Painted Churches in Fayette County – it’s for you. And if you’d like to come alone, no worries! This group will be Texas friendly. We hope to make dear friends and meet fellow enthusiasts who want to experience the spiritual history of the churches of our great state.

Our address at The Franklin will be disclosed in an email upon registration for the tour. We highly recommend using Google Maps to plan your trip to La Grange from outside the area. Traffic in the Houston and Austin area is highly unpredictable.

Our start to finish time is 10 am – 3 pm. This includes The Franklin Mimosa Reception and touring the 4 area churches.

The furthest church is 19 miles from The Franklin, around 20 minutes. It’s basically a small loop off major highways.

Due to advance transportation reservations and the limited space, we do not provide refunds. We will consider attendee transfers.

Of course! We toured the churches on our own the first time and that’s how we became so fascinated with the story of each church and her history. When we self-toured, every church was open and unoccupied. The graciousness of the stewards of the churches left us awestruck. All of the churches are usually open and you can search online for a wealth of information (like we did to create The Painted Church Devotional. :) If you’re not able to join us, please make a search and begin your own journey.

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