Dear Daughters: Love Letters to the Next Generation

Known as Mama Suz by her children’s friends, Susie Davis has a heart for mentoring young women. This book is meant to be a bridge between two groups of women – dear daughters and spiritual mamas.

Dear daughters are young women in search of spiritual guidance and spiritual mamas are women just a little further down the road with age-old wisdom to share. Each group has valuable insight for the other and the hope is that the reader will invite someone to come alongside them, pore over the included letters together, and pass along wisdom and advice that will make both lives more beautiful, wherever they are in their God story.

This book, ideal for a gift, is a casebound hardcover with ribbon.

The Grace Guide

A guide for extending God’s grace to yourself and others.

What would you like to say to your younger self?

  • That God loves you.
  • To love the woman you are becoming.
  • To not be so hard on yourself and others.

With The Grace Guide: Live Your One Beautiful Life, Susie Davis invites readers to experience the grace upon grace God has for their life. It is a spiritual guide for women to grow in wisdom by learning to love themselves like their good Father has always loved them. Includes a challenge to write a letter to your younger self. Offers spiritual guidance to learn to extend grace to yourself and others. Makes a great gift. Linen hardcover with ribbon.