Simple prayers change Your Life

Prayer is conversation with God. And that conversation doesn’t need to be formal or complicated. Prayer should be natural. Easy. Joyful. Even fun. Because it’s fun to talk to someone you love. Prayer is meaningful. Because prayer is you and God talking about the things that matter most to you. I want to encourage you to talk to God daily, hourly, always – so I’ve written 7 simple prayers based on scripture just for you.

Get the Clarity and Confidence You Need

I am passionate about helping you do accomplish your BIG DREAMS! Whether that’s writing a book, teaching classes, or hosting a gathering of event. There’s a long list of things God has allowed me to do and I’d love to coach you up to what you feel like God is asking you to do with your life.

Dear Daughters Podcast

“Susie is a spiritual mama via earbuds for your heart.” Hunter Beless

Dear Daughters Book

No matter your age, these two things are true:

  1. You are a dear daughter.
  2. You need a spiritual mother.

Dear Daughters is meant to be a bridge for those multi-generational conversations and relationships you’re craving.

“Your emails always feel like a good candle and a warm hug. How blessed we are to feel your nurturing care, if even through technology. Thank you, Susie!”