No Roll Pie Crust

This is the biggest, most delicious cheat you’ll ever find baking. An easy, fabulous, must try ‘no roll pie crust.’ Though I have several pastry crust recipes I enjoy, I use this one the most because it’s simple and no fail. Every time.

You can make a regular sized pie a la Thanksgiving style.

Or you can use the recipe in a little Pyrex bowl & make some minis.

My absolute favorite this summer has to be these minis made in Weck jars. Good gosh adorable.

So any hoo, now I’m sharing my priceless recipe with you. And just to show you it’s truly easier than anything ~ and so worthy of a try ~ a short happy video from me. And Willie Nelson. ;)

Presenting … No Roll Pie Crust! An ongoing feature in the Pie O Pie series. 

Susie’s No Roll Pie Crust

1 1/2 c flour * 2 T sugar * 1/2 t salt * 1 T milk * 1/2 c oil

Mix together dry ingredients. Whisk together wet ingredients. Mix together all ingredients. Press in pie pan. Done.

This recipe is for a standard sized pie pan. If you are using a larger or deeper pan, double the recipe.