You Don’t Have to do life alone

A mentor is someone who makes space for you to reclaim vision. She offers wisdom as you listen for direction from God. If you want a mentor but can’t seem to find one, here’s my Mentor Map to help you find the way. 

Get the Clarity and Confidence You Need

I am passionate about helping you get connected with God so that you can have clarity and confidence about the one beautiful life God has given you. I do that through online classes, live gatherings and personal mentorship.  

Dear Daughters Podcast

“Susie is a spiritual mama via earbuds for your heart.” Hunter Beless

Dear Daughters Book

No matter your age, these two things are true:

  1. You are a dear daughter.
  2. You need a spiritual mother.

Dear Daughters is meant to be a bridge for those multi-generational conversations and relationships you’re craving.

“Your emails always feel like a good candle and a warm hug. How blessed we are to feel your nurturing care, if even through technology. Thank you, Susie!”