10 Simple Steps to Hosting a Dinner Party

Welcome to The JOY Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! I want you to have the joy in your life that you are seeking. So this podcast series is all about how to find joy, how to recover joy, how to keep joy…secrets to getting more joy in your everyday life.

We just wrapped up the first few episodes of finding joy at home. Now I am so excited to talk about finding joy at the table. I believe that gathering at the table over a simple meal is one of the best ways to love people and invite them to a closer relationship with God.

The believers gathered together and ate a meal with gladness and simplicity of heart. Acts 2:46

At the table, you are sitting to enjoy a good meal with the people you love. Most importantly, you can talk about God at the table. You can minister to people at the table.

So to kick us off, I want to share tips for hosting a dinner party! It can be intimidating. You many think that you don’t have the space. You may think that you just aren’t cut out for hosting. But here’s the thing. You can do it.

From #1: Check the family calendar to #10: Gently direct the conversation and ask meaningful questions about spiritual things, I am sharing 10 easy steps you can follow to host a joy-filled dinner party and talk about God.

I hope that you will gather a few people you love around your table and minister to them. I pray that you experience the awe of God at the table.



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