3 Secrets to Estate Sale Shopping

Estate sale shopping is an exercise in creativity. It’s about connecting the dots of the stories behind the treasures you find.

Welcome to The JOY Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! I want you to have the joy in your life that you are seeking. So we’re going to talk about the secrets to getting more joy in your everyday life by creating a home you love.

This week, Tori Dear is with me to talk about the joy of antiques, thrifting, and estate sale shopping. Listen in as we talk about everything from my favorite estate sale finds and stories to my estate sale routine (including a McDonald’s coffee run of course) and tips that may help you in your estate sale endeavors.

I hope this inspires you to explore new places and I hope that you find little treasures that bring a bit more joy to your home.

But, here are just a few of my top secrets to shopping an estate sale well.

1. Find a website that works for you with tracking down estate sales in your area! I use EstateSales.Net, plug in my zip code, and see what’s coming up in my area. Typically estate sales are posted in the middle or towards the end of the week for upcoming weekends. (Tip: Be sure to check through the photos they post too and see if anything catches your eye! You can normally tell pretty quickly if they have treasures that look like something you’d love.)

2. If you do see something that you absolutely have to have be sure to get there a minute or two early! Some estate sales have folks lining up at the door before they open at 9am- or something even 8am!

3. Be willing to get creative! Sometimes treasures come in the form of the $1.00 section in the garage. I especially love for vintage aluminum loaf pans. I snag these and then find an alternative way to use them— like storage for ziplock bags.

You can use the link below to hear even more tips to estate sales!



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