5 Ways to Have More Joy in Your Marriage

We’re talking all things JOY on the Dear Daughters Podcast because I want to help you bring a little more joy to your everyday life. We’ve talked about joy at home, joy at the table, and now we’re going to talk about joy in relationships.

This week I have my husband, Will, next to me to start this next part of the series about how to find joy in your marriage. Will and I have been married 37 years this week, and we’ve had days that have been really joyful and we’ve had days that have been really difficult.

Listen in as we dig deeper into ways to keep the joy in your marriage like these:

  1. Practice gratitude.
  2. Have a marriage mission.
  3. Play together and play apart.
  4. Observe Sabbath.
  5. Pray.

I pray that you are able to find so much JOY in your marriage. I hope that you and your spouse can use your marriage to bring joy to others around you, too.



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