52 Sunday Suppers: Homemade Pizza, Spinach Salad & Affogato

What’s for supper? For week two of 52 Sunday Suppers, it’s pizza night!

And not just any pizza ~ think chewy, homemade crust topped with thick slices of melty mozzarella and just about anything else you want. My family loves margarita pizza but we’ve branched out with this dough and topped with sauteed spinach & mushrooms, pepperoni … all kinds of good stuff. With this super easy pizza dough ~ you could top with anything! Even cinnamon and sugar.

Yep, this dough makes an amazing batch of homemade cinnamon sticks. Gracious. But I digress …

My collaborator, Kristin, and I decided to bring out our family’s favorite dough recipes and let you guys pick. (Download PDF below.)

Since I was having our ACF Community pastor’s wives over for Sunday Supper, I decided to stick with what I knew best. I prepped the salad, par-baked the dough ~ and had everything ready to go when they arrived. All they had to do was decide between margarita or spinach & mushroom.

It was the first time for me to make affogato. But y’all, it’s a no brainer: Just gelato drowned in espresso.

I stopped by Teo to get gelato and of course, I couldn’t decide which flavor. But there was this darling barista, Maria.  She not only lead me to three brilliant flavors (salted caramel, bourbon vanilla, and something or other praline) but also gave me an affogato tip: Brew the espresso directly over the gelato.

To cut a few calories, I used a melon scoop to pile in one of each flavor and then let the espresso roll.

The crema and gelato make an unbelievable pair.

I think Kristin and I make a pretty fun Sunday Supper pair ~ join us on Facebook to chat? We’d love to get to know you.

Week Two Menu

Homemade Pizza!

The Schell’s Favorite Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Susie’s Easy Pizza Dough (cinnamon stick recipe included)

The BEST Spinach Salad


 Click for a printable PDF of this week’s menu.

happiest sunday!