52 Sunday Suppers: Roast Chicken, Asparagus Tart & Chocolate Pudding

Welcome to crazy. That’s how this week was for me.

I can’t really even tell you all that happened to this week ~ just a little of this, a little of that. But my big plans to have friends over and make everything on the menu didn’t happen. Instead, I threw a wrinkled table cloth over the table sitting on our patio and let the amazing Austin weather make magic.

Truth is, by the time Sunday hit, I was t-i-r-e-d. So tired, I felt like plopping on the couch and ordering pizza. But this call to be more in relationships is sitting so deep. So instead of stressing because I didn’t have it all together, I took a deep breath and did what I could.

Thankfully, I already marinaded Kristin’s lemony chicken. Popped that in the oven. And gratefully, I had the chocolate pudding ready to go ~ so we had the start of a very nice meal.

But the asparagus tart was no where near the starting gate …

I guess in some ways I’m glad to let you know I couldn’t get it all together. Because I don’t want you to feel pressured to have the perfect meal and presentation. From our earliest conversations, Kristin and I stressed this collaboration is not about food. 52 Sunday Suppers is more than a meal. It’s about the people gathered around the table. And it’s about slowing down and sitting down ~ looking each other in the eyes and talking about the real stuff in life.

This week, there were four gathered at our table. We talked about everything, anything and we lingered over ridiculously delicious chocolate pudding. And here is the recipe.

Easy Chocolate Pudding

1/3 c flour * 3/4 c sugar * 1/4 t salt * 1/4 c cocoa * 3/4 c water * 1 c milk * 4 egg yolks * 1 t vanilla * 1 T butter

In a heavy saucepan, combine flour, sugar, salt and cocoa. Mix well then move to cook top. On medium heat, gradually stir in water and milk. Stir until smooth ~ 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Whisk egg yolks in separate bowl. Slowly add yolks and bring to a boil, whisking continually until thickened. Remove from heat, stir in butter and vanilla. Allow to cool about 5 minutes.

Pour into custard cups or parfait glasses. Refrigerate until ready to use.

I’m tickled to let you know the pudding is a poser. It’s really just the custard from my Chocolate Cream Pie recipe. So now you know how to make both!

(And even better, there’s a how-to video to walk you through how to make it! )

For our Sunday Supper dessert, I poured the pudding/chocolate pie/poser in a juice tumbler and topped it off with a little whipped cream then garnished with a delicate ginger cookie. Pretty much perfection.

Like the Austin weather ~ and the almost there meal.

Breath deep. And rest. The best part is always the people.

How are your Sunday suppers going?

Week Three Menu

Kristin’s Roast Chicken & Asparagus Tart

Susie’s Easy Chocolate Pudding (PDF )

happiest sunday!