52 Sunday Suppers: Chicken Soup, Romaine Salad & Homemade Bread

Rain falls in misty sheets. I see my neighbor back his car out of the garage and drive slowly down the street, water dancing underneath tires. Glancing at our entry hall, I spy a tired towel stretched out long to catch muddy footprints. At the end, shoes and boots, in a mismatched pile. I’m tired of the mess. But we need the rain.

Texas is a thirsty state. We’re in the middle of the third worst drought since 1895. I know this ongoing rain along with it’s muddy boots, is critical to our well-being so I thank God for the rain ~ and change my outlook.

Sometimes, the very thing you need the most brings unexpected chaos and fills life with a sense of messy. Just this week, Kristin and I had a big plan to roll out our 52 Sunday Suppers collaboration in a well-organized fashion. But life stomped in with muddy boots. Our meeting day was exchanged for a doctor’s appointment: Kristin had the flu.

This slate of recipes was not supposed to be our first of fifty-two but it turned out to be just what we needed ~ and I’m praying it will be for you and your family, too.

When I got the call from Kristin, I knew I needed to jump in and make our first Sunday Supper comforting and easy to ‘make & take’ to my friend. So it was decided: soup, salad and homemade bread. Rainy weather is perfect for bread baking. ;)

These recipes are easy. And just so you won’t feel intimidated by bread baking, I have a video to show you how to do it. (Cute, little Laura Lee put it all together for me.)

French Country Bread from Susie Davis on Vimeo.

I am convinced there is nothing more comforting than the smell of homemade bread baking.

Except maybe eating it.

As easy as the bread baking is for me, I felt weird and anxious about a chicken soup recipe. Because I don’t have a go-to recipe for chicken soup ~ and this is the first time I’ve shared a meal with Kristin. Suddenly, I felt ‘soup’ pressure. But I am reading a book that is changing how I think about food and cooking for others. It’s called An Everlasting Meal. (Download it.) And it’s super settling. And I also reminded myself:

This whole Sunday Suppers deal is not about entertaining. It’s about caring. And community.

Sure, the food should be tasty but that’s not what’s center stage. Relationship is center stage. With that in mind, I just winged it on the soup. And in the process, I got some soup confidence. Not only did this soup feed Kristin’s family but it fed mine with enough left over to share with my mom and dad.

Tomorrow or the day after, I’m going to share some of the ‘how to’ actually do 52 Sunday Suppers. I’d love for you to stop back by! Meanwhile, please ‘like’ our new Facebook page, download the menu (below) and subscribe to my weekly newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

Much love & joy to you this blessed Sunday!


Week One Menu

Susie’s Super Easy Chicken & Rice Soup

Romaine Salad with Lemon Maple Vinaigrette

Peach Tree Country French Bread

ย Click for a printable PDF of this week’s menu