A Chain of Prayer Across the Ages | Selina Fitzherbert Fox

Need more prayer in your life but not sure where to start? I’m pleased to introduce you to a fabulous old book called A Prayer of Chain Across the Ages written by Dr. Selina Fitzherbert Fox, who herself was pretty fabulous. She’s another author I’m featuring this season who fought the good fight and remained faithful to the end.

Dr. Selina Fitzherbert Fox lived an incredibly interesting life devoted to serving others. There is so much to learn about her … here are a few highlights:

  1. Dr. Selina Fitzherbert Fox was born in 1871.
  2. In 1899, she received her medical qualification from the London School of Medicine for Women and the General Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne. By 1903, she had qualified as an M.D. from Durham University.
  3. In 1900, Dr. Fox spent a year in India as the Assistant Medical Officer at the Lady Kinnaird Memorial Hospital in Lucknow for the Zenana Bible and Medical Mission
  4. In 1901, she was appointed medical officer of the Church Missionary Society’s missionary training school, where she stayed for two years.
  5. The Society decided the mission was too expensive and to focus its attention on missionaries overseas instead. So, Dr. Fox founded the Bermondsey Medical Mission in 1904 and devoted the rest of her life to it. By 1907 over 6,000 patients has been seen along with nearly 4,000 home visits. In 1929 the hospital was officially opened as The Bermondsey Medical Mission Hospital by the then Duchess of York, later known as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.
  6. At the outbreak of WW1, Dr. Fox was appointed as Woman Superintendent and Deputy Medical Officer to the Aylesbury Prison for women.
  7. In 1958, Dr. Fox was admitted to the hospital she herself had founded and died in December 1958 at the age of 87.

Wow. She sure didn’t waste one minute of service to Christ. What a life! 

My hope is that upon learning about these heroes of our faith, we are inspired to live anew with perspective and hope in our own lives.



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