A Joyful Approach to Healthy Eating | Natalie Betzer

We’re wrapping up The JOY Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast this week! I hope these conversations have helped bring a little more joy to your everyday life. In this last episode, I’ll be talking about JOY and taking good care of your body with Natalie Betzer, a functional nutritionist and wellness consultant … who also happens to be my niece. :)

Natalie lives in Austin with her husband, Drew, and daughter, Davie. She earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Natalie is a functional nutrition and wellness consult … and the founder of Natalie Betzer Wellness. I went through one of Natalie’s coaching sessions and learned so much. With her help I was able to better understand what my body needs, change some not-so-healthy habits, and make healthier choices.

Natalie wants to help you to redefine your approach to health. She teaches you how to build your health on a foundation of self-awareness, kindness and gratitude. Instead of focusing on rules and restriction, she teaches you to eat intuitively in the moment, dropping good and bad beliefs about food. The ripple effect of these shifts can make a profound difference in all areas of your life. Your health stops being a chore, and instead becomes a sustainable lifestyle that is satisfying, energizing and actually fun! THIS is a joyful approach to health!

Our bodies are the home of our soul. They enable us to love our people and do the things we need to do in a way that glorifies God in this one beautiful life he has given us. That’s why it’s so important that we take care of our bodies. Listen in as Natalie walks us through some of the key things and offers some tips for a healthier lifestyle, from what a balanced meal is made of to sustainable meal prep.

I pray that you take care of yourself and find JOY in the body that God created for you. I hope that



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