a monday prayer

Dear God,

My list of things to-do is long and Monday-ish.
I want to be super productive but I already feel a little behind.

I’d love to check off every single thing on this list but I don’t know what is ahead of me. And I certainly don’t know all Your plans for me today … so instead of getting hyped up on Monday ambition, I yield myself to You.

a monday prayer

Let me find joy in Your plans for my life, peace in Your direction.

When I bump into people today and they seem to delay me getting through my list, remind me that they are Your appointments. People matter more than my list.

Thank You in advance for walking with me. Give me the courage to trust Your plans even in the little things. Help me to accomplish the purpose of my journey.

Make me successful today. (Genesis 24.12)

And God … most of all, help me to be deeply grateful for this one beautiful life You’ve given me.

susie davis a monday prayer

I love You.