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The single greatest cause of homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family ~ Alan Graham

What does it really look like to love your neighbor? What does it look like for you to share your life and somehow be family to people who may not be just like you? Alan Graham answers those questions in profound and practical ways. In 1998, he started a ministry to feed the homeless here in Austin.  Since then, he harnessed over 18,000 volunteers to serve over 4,000,000 meals to the hungry. 

Oh, yes. That’s amazing but that’s not all. He started a new movement to house the homeless. You gotta watch this video…

Alan is an incredible man and I know you’ll love listening to our conversation in episode 20 of the Dear Daughters podcast.

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We wanted to create a place where everybody wants to live, a space that invites everyone. ~ Alan Graham

If we’re casting people away, we’re never going to get to that perfection God desires for us. ~ Alan Graham

Stop telling me that you love me, and start living that you love me. ~ Alan Graham

The sense of awe you get when you see that natural beauty of the Creator, that is how I felt when I went to Community First Village. ~ Susie Davis



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