Alli Worthington | Dear Daughters 47

Do you need a guide to fight fear, wrestle worry and overcome anxiety? 

Meet Alli Worthington. Alli is a speaker, author, and business coach who lives with her husband and their five boys in Nashville, Tennessee. She writes books about life & Jesus, and is passionate about helping people grow their businesses. She’s spent the last three and a half years building Propel Women with Christine Caine and she’s the author of a new book, Fierce Faith: A Woman’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety.

Today we talk about breaking the cycle of anxiety, giving ourselves grace, and staying healthy while on social media.

Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 47.



Yes, bad things are going to happen. But we have to learn that we’re not victims to it. We can combine spiritual truth with practical tools to fight back every day. And we have to be aware that when storms of life come, that’s when the enemy comes in on the side to try to take us out, to keep us disconnected from God, to make us distracted, and to make us feel despair. ~ Alli Worthington

Alli’s “Best Case Scenario” Daily Spiritual Practice ~ she’s reading through the Bible in a year and memorizing Scripture, and she writes in a journal. All of this takes about 30 minutes of her morning.

I felt like God loved me, but that He wasn’t taking care of me, so I had to take care of myself. And when you start feeling that, it can create this enormous bondage. ~ Susie Davis

We live on two levels: the spiritual and the physical. We have a battle on two levels, so we fight back on two levels. We need the truth of Scripture, but we also need practical day to day tools. Until we combine the spiritual and the physical, we’re not fighting with all the tools that we could. ~ Alli Worthington

When we have a fear that is just big and looming out there, we’re not even sure what we’re afraid of, it’s just this messy ball of anxiety, it’s completely overwhelming. When we play out the worst case scenario, we identify what’s likely and unlikely, what’s realistic and what’s not, what we have control over and what we don’t, then we can identify the one thing that we’re afraid of and break out of that anxiety spiral. ~ Alli Worthington

There are some situations that demand time. And time passing is the place where there’s healing, and maybe even an honoring in recognizing the loss. ~ Susie Davis

People can feel rejected on social media just like real life. And here’s the kicker ~ the same areas of your brain that fire up when you get physically hurt, fire up when you get rejected and you’re hurt in that way. Your brain can’t tell the difference. Your brain registers that rejection on social media like a punch in the gut. For that reason, we need to be good to ourselves, we need to give ourselves grace, because we don’t want to make it twice as bad by beating ourselves up. I feel like we’re picking up the tools of the Enemy and attacking ourselves with them when we do that.  ~ Alli Worthington

The more consumed you become on social media, the less involved you are in your very real life with your real people, and your real experience with God. ~ Susie Davis

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