Angel Dusted French Toast

I was going to write about how hurting people hurt people but then I started making breakfast for my daughter, Sara, and got distracted.

By this …

Angel Dusted French Toast

Many, many, many people know how to make French Toast, I realize that. But imagine my surprise when I asked my daughter, Emily, and Hilliary (both in college, living with us all summer) if then knew how to make French Toast and I got these responses:

Emily: Just dip bread in some eggs or something.

Hilliary: No, eggs and milk I think.

Oh. Dear. French Toast is not just bread, eggs, and milk. It’s sooo much more. So, so much more. There’s vanilla and sugar and a pinch of salt. And butter. Lots of butter.

So, here is the Angel Dusted French Toast recipe for college girls everywhere:

Angel Dusted French Toast

Melt 2 – 3 T butter in a non-stick pan (watch that the butter doesn’t burn!). In a separate bowl, beat 2 eggs, 1 T sugar, a pinch of salt, 1 T vanilla, and 3 T half & half (or heavy cream).

Coat / soak a slice of bread (I use sourdough) in the mixture. Place saturated slice on hot, buttery pan. Stay close and watch that the bread doesn’t burn. Go for warm, toasty brown color.

Pull out when perfect color is achieved. Sprinkle with powdered sugar angel dust. Or dribble with warm maple syrup. And taste a little bite of heaven. Makes about 4 – 5 slices depending on bread density. Added bonus: Your house will smell like vanilla for hours.

Now … if you have any French Toast secrets, please share for college girls everywhere!