Are You Listening to Your Heart?

Are you allowing your heart to have space in your daily life?

That might be a strange question but over the last two months I’ve had two dear daughters and one spiritual mama come to me because they were feeling stuck, worried and anxious about things in their lives. Then after talking things out, and walking metaphorically around their lives … I saw with all clarity, they were so in their heads with their issues, that they weren’t giving their hearts voice.

They were working their lives, checking off things on the spiritual list, and quieting the little cries of their hearts. And I do it too sometimes. By prioritizing, analyzing, thinking, planning, working … instead of listening and feeling.

Today on the podcast, we’re going to get curious about the why behind the reluctance to listen to our hearts.

I hope today’s podcast will encourage you to love God holistically.



Acts 2:46 Table with Susie Davis from Susie Davis on Vimeo.

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