I haven’t always been a ‘good news’ kind of girl.

There was a time in my life when I imagined the worst in every situation. Negativity was the norm because something horrible burst on the scene for me when I was a kid. Something went terribly wrong.

I witnessed a murder.

At fourteen I understood the reality that ‘bad stuff happens.’ And the sad truth is that bad stuff usually seeps in ~ or bursts in ~ to every one’s life.

But there is Good News: God did not desert me. Not in my pain. Or rebellion. And He never did walk out on me in the season when those enormous questions needed honest answers.


God did not desert me when I needed Him most but called on Him least.

And God will not walk out on you either.
No matter where you are with Him, He will never desert you.

God rescued me from negativity and a half-full perspective. He swooped in and broke off the anxiety that ruled my life. And He can do that for you too.

God can give you the joy back. 

And He can make you the kind of person that says:

 Unbutton my lips, dear God; I’ll let loose with your praise … psalm 51:15

When you read more of my story, you’ll find the missing pieces to yours.

Much love and peace,

Susie Davis

photos: kate stafford