Choosing Authenticity | Hayley Morgan | Dear Daughters 53

Do you struggle between wanting to honestly express yourself on social media, and wanting to post a perfectly curated picture that kind of looks more like what everyone else is posting? Are you thirsty for authenticity? Do you need someone to remind you that because of Jesus, you are always enough and never too much? If you relate to any of these, I know you will love today’s interview with Hayley Morgan.

In this episode, Hayley and I talked about authenticity on social media, the importance of self care and creativity, and also about the necessity of doing the quiet + hard work with God in everything from raising children to living with integrity. Hayley is quirky and wise. And she is passionate about seeing women walk into their unique calling and gifting. She is a wife, mom to four boys, writer, speaker and entrepreneur. I can’t wait for you to meet her! Here’s the interview on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 53.


I remind women what’s true about their lives and about God, but with my boys, and with any little people, you’re introducing them to those ideas for the first time. It’s less reminding, and more setting the scene for them. ~ Hayley Morgan

It used to be that when your kids stepped into your front door, it was kind of your world of your own. But now, anytime you have the internet, people have access to you. ~ Hayley Morgan

The whole premise of the Enneagram is for you to be a holier you, no matter what that looks like. ~ Susie Davis

What happens in our culture when we all start to look the same, and when the outflow of our faith all kind of starts to look the same? ~ Hayley Morgan

It’s a little terrifying to think that our faith- this thing that is born in our relationship with God where we are with Him individually- that it’s being impacted and affected in a way because we’re skipping the hard, deep work, the quiet work with God, and just looking to duplicate what seems to be spiritual by copying what someone else is doing. ~ Susie Davis

The difficulty with everything being possible, is it feels like a huge burden to do it right and do it well. We’ve been told “You have so much potential,” and that’s great and that empowers you, but if that’s not followed up with “but it’s God’s work in you that’s going to do this,” it can feel like a mantle of burden, rather than a mantle of opportunity. ~ Hayley Morgan


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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)