Coffee & Conversation with Pam Tebow

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so this week on the podcast, I’m featuring another mother that you’ll love getting to know. This spiritual mama travels and speaks across the country, encouraging women to use the incredible influence God has given them to eternally impact their world.

She has appeared on Good Morning America and has won national awards for her ministry work. She and her husband, Bob, live in Florida; they have five grown children (one of whom is literally known worldwide) and eight grandchildren.

Today, I’m talking with Pam Tebow. She’s an amazing and inspiring women. She’s the kind of spiritual mama that will make you want to be a better wife, mother and human. For most of her life, she served quietly and faithfully as a wife and a mom. But now, because of her Heisman Trophy winning son, Tim … people know her everywhere.

Pam has written a new book, Ripple Effects which is about discovering the power of a woman’s influence. Her story will help you remember that you have influence. Lots of it, right there where you sit. And that’s true whether you’re holding a baby or sitting in a cubicle at work. You can inspire those in your sphere of influence by doing the small faithful things. Pam’s life is proof of that …

So here is her interview, in a special format I’m calling Dear Daughters Coffee and Conversation that was recorded right here in my home, with a handful of wide-eyed listeners, just like me.


Finally … grateful, grateful for Davis sharing her music for the DD Podcast. :)