conversation starters: questions to ask to dive deep

We were sitting outside on the patio with friends and family enjoying our Sunday Supper when I was struck by the reality that there are things about God and me that nobody knows. Not my husband, not my kids. No one.

Those little things God does or says in a day that sit quiet between the two of us. So many, they’re impossible to count. Whispers, sightings, incidents. The things God does to woo me. Keep me close.

I know them. (I bet you do too.) So I waited for a break in conversation and I asked those gathered: What’s one thing we don’t know about you and God?

And they responded.

As we sat around the table, I was gratefully astounded listening to my husband recount a story of how God reassured him after he lost his cool and felt ashamed. Of how God spoke to my 23 year old daughter in a brilliant but intimidating thunderstorm one night at the Frio River. I listened as a friend and ACF staff member described God’s quiet comfort in placing a cooing dove just outside her bedroom during an especially stress-filled season.

When you want to dive deep in conversation but don’t know what to ask, this question will take you there. Now I am wondering about you, friend …

What’s one thing we don’t know about you and God?

And I’ll start: During my dark night of the soul, God dropped a kitten on my front porch. And that cat adopted herself right into our family. I didn’t want a cat. I hated cats. But that cat kept me company when God went silent for almost 2 years. Yes, I realize this makes me sound like a crazy cat lady. Oh, but God knew. And just thinking on this makes me love Him all the more.

… now, what about you?