Creating a Peaceful, Organized Home | Jenny Aldridge

Your physical space is a place for peace and joy because things in our physical space hold connection to relationships and emotions.

Welcome to The JOY Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! I want you to have the joy in your life that you are seeking. So we’re going to talk about the secrets to getting more joy in your everyday life by creating a home you love. This week we’re going to dive into organization and how it can bring joy to your home.

Meet Jenny Aldridge, my guest this week on the Dear Daughters Podcast. Jenny says that she looks at the world so differently than she did three years ago … before she jumped out of the boat so start a new business. Jenny is an organizational coach. She helps people organize their closets and kitchen pantries to shed the negative and bring peace and positivity to their spaces. And she does it all with so much love and acceptance.

Listen in as Jenny talks about home organization, from why we hold onto things that can cause us clutter and stress to how an orderly closet can give us more confidence and peace. Plus, you’ll want to write down her three tips to start tackling your closet and kitchen.

I hope this is both encouraging and practical. I pray that your home can be an organized, orderly, place of peace and joy. 



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