Dad and Daughter Conversation | Bob Gerrie

Meet my dad, Bob Gerrie. He is an inspiration to all who come in contact with him. People often joke about ‘getting Bob-ed’ by his enthusiastic, warm welcome. In celebration of Father’s Day, I asked my dad to come on the podcast this week. We talk about family legacy, about what real wealth means to him, oh and of course we cry all the tears! I’m so deeply grateful to have a father like Bob Gerrie.

My dad and my sweet mother love to ride around town in their red convertible bug. Aren’t they the cutest?!

My father has loved my mother and our family well his whole life. They celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary in December.

Listen in:

  • Listen to the episode with my mother here.
  • Dear Daughters: Love Letters to the Next Generation
  • La Grange, Texas Book Signing at The Busy B
  • Come see me in Springdale, Arkansas at Euna Mae’s.
    Dear Daughters is a template for those multi-generational conversations and relationships you’re craving.Dear Daughters is meant to be a bridge between two groups of women–dear daughters and spiritual mamas. Dear daughters are young women in search of spiritual guidance and spiritual mamas are women just a little further down the road with age-old wisdom to share. Each group has valuable insight for the other and the hope is that the reader will invite someone to come alongside them, pore over the included letters together, and pass along wisdom and advice that will make both lives more beautiful, wherever they are in their God story.This book, ideal for a gift, is a casebound hardcover with ribbon.Finally … grateful, grateful for Davis sharing her music for the DD Podcast. :)