Dear Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving,

It’s happening again … people are pushing Christmas to the forefront. And while it’s true, Christmas holds a super important role in our year, I think you’re pretty special too.

dear thanksgivingI appreciate the way you call us together without gifts. The way you sneak in all unexpected with simple joy.

Like family playing touch football in the front yard and everybody jumping on the trampoline, including the grown-ups.

Like hearing the cousins playing around on the piano. The singing. The laughing.

Like roasted turkey and green bean casserole. Soft, buttery rolls and a glass of wine.

And oh gracious … the homemade pies: Pumpkin, pecan, buttermilk. Probably the only day of the year people eat pie without guilt. Isn’t that a silly shame?

I love family sitting around talking at the big table. And kids wandering in and out. And losing track of time because there’s nothing going on. Just a big family meal and a lot of catching up.

This year, I’m going to try and take one beautiful holiday at a time. I’m going to resist getting all hyped up and stressed out about Christmas ~ when Thanksgiving is sweetly waiting in it’s place.

photo: kate stafford