Discerning God’s Voice | Leighton Ford

Throughout our busy and distracted days we hear so many different voices. What would happen if we slowed down, and listened to what God is saying to us?

Leighton Ford describes himself as an “artist of the soul and a friend on the journey.”

Leighton is an author, evangelist, mentor to emerging Christian leaders across the world, President of Leighton Ford Ministries, and in his own words, these four things:

  1. “I have a very long name.”
  2. “I have very long legs.”
  3. “I’ve lived a very long life.”
  4. “We haven’t known each other for very long.”

Today, Leighton and I talk about his passion for mentoring and his new book “A Life of Listening: Discerning God’s Voice and Discovering Our Own”. I think you’ll be smiling through tears just like me, as you hear stories from his beautiful life. I’m so thankful for my conversation with Leighton, and I know you’ll be so encouraged by his message.