dr. ashley stafford (dear daughters episode 16)

Sometimes there’s no getting around tough circumstances, but changing the way you handle them can make a big difference.  It doesn’t take much to go from feeling completely in control to completely overwhelmed.  Sadness, isolation, anxiety… whether it’s a lifelong struggle or a season of life that just doesn’t seem to be passing, we all experience times when it would help to have someone in our corner.  ~ Dr. Ashley Stafford

david, scout and ashley stafford

In this episode of the Dear Daughters podcast, I talk with Dr. Ashley Stafford. She is a psychologist in private practice in Austin, TX. Ashley provides counseling services to adult individuals, couples, and families as well as neuropsychological testing to adults. Ashley’s areas of interest include anxiety spectrum disorders, adjustment disorders, and marriage and family issues.

Ashley is a dear daughter who also happens to be my niece which means we sit around the table many Thanksgivings or Christmases just being family. And talking about family. And everything in-between. I know you’ll love her wisdom and humor. 

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The original picture of shame is: “I realized I was naked and I hid.” (Genesis 3)

Shame is hiding and that takes all forms: Excess is hiding. ~  Dr. Ashley Stafford

Consider being a scientist about yourself to discover why you are hiding.

I have healthy boundaries and then I just don’t … (maybe you too?)

Sometimes you have to choose pain to get better. ~ Dr. Ashley Stafford

The shamed shame. ~ David Wallen


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