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As we’re trying to find a better self, it’s not a construction project, it’s an excavation project. We’re learning to let go of those things which are not us. ~ Kelly Flanagan 

Kelly is a licensed clinical psychologist and writer whose words have appeared in The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, and The Today Show. He blogs regularly at UnTangled about marriage, parenting, and exploring the redemptive life. He and his wife Kelly, (so fun, right?!) and their three children live in Dixon, Illinois.

You know how I love having psychologists on the show and Kelly is really the greatest. I’m excited for you to get to meet him today. Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 28.

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Until you do the work of reconnecting with that little kid inside of you, that true self, that worthiest part of you, those other parts of your life – your relationships and your sense of purpose- stay really stuck. They have to flow from that sense of worthiness, not be an effort to earn it. ~ Kelly Flanagan

We were created to be someone. We came into the world with this self that was created for us. I think so much of our struggle is about us feeling like we have to go create a self, go make something that is worthy out of ourselves, but the reality is that that work is already done for us. ~ Kelly Flanagan

If you want to be a better parent, a better spouse, or a better friend, then you have to see yourself as worthy. ~ Susie Davis

We keep trying to figure out who we are by making outward journeys, by doing relationships differently, or by pursuing this calling or vocation, and the inward journey does have to happen first. ~ Kelly Flanagan

Kids don’t need perfect parents, they just need parents who know they’re not perfect. ~ Kelly Flanagan

God asks us to rest every seven days. He knows that our brains need some time to decompress and part of that is healing for us, not just physiologically, but spiritually too. ~Susie Davis

My dad always said I love you and I am so proud of you, and so I kinda feel like that’s how God feels about me. ~ Susie Davis


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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)