Empty-Nest Art | Mary Gregory

It’s never too late to pursue what you love and start a new season of your story.

Welcome to the Story Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! I’m so glad you’re here. I love to ask deep questions and listen to people’s stories because when you get to know someone’s story, you can experience the awe of God. Listen in and experience it with me.

This week my friend and artist Mary Gregory is joining me on the podcast this week. Mary has always been creative and she is one of the most generous humans I know. Mary learned that it’s never too late to pursue what you love and start a new part of your story. In 2011, when her two daughters were out of the nest, Mary pursued her art career full time with her husband, David, who manages the business and production aspects of Mary Gregory Studio.

“When you are an artist and you see something you just have to get it out somehow.”

Mary has always been drawn to art and nature. She loves to go on long walks and observe God’s creation … and listens to what God wants her to paint. Mary hopes to always honor God in her art no matter what she is painting. She wants to send beauty and joy into the world. Listen in as she talks about things like her painting process, Round Top, and how she balances art as a business and art as a passion.

Are you as inspired by Mary as I am? I hope that you look for God in the world around you. I hope you find ways to be creative in your own way. And I hope that you never give up on those big God dreams.