Every Success Starts with a Yes | Sarah Mackenzie | DD 63

Almost every big change in life, almost every big success, is a compilation of tiny steps forward. If you have a Big God Dream in your heart but it seems unattainable right now, saying yes today to the next small step is next best thing to do. And then do it all over again tomorrow, and the next day and the next.In this episode, Sarah Mackenzie and I talk about how she started living her dream by giving God a bunch of little yeses, even when she was feeling unprepared and unqualified. I love Sarah’s gumption. It’s the kind of thing that had her invite a prominent writer on her podcast before she had even started the podcast. She says she put her trust in God, believing He would give grace right when she needed it. And it certainly worked out! She had over four million downloads on The Read Aloud Revival Podcast this month! Yahoo, Sarah!!

Today we talk about her lovely new book: The Read Aloud Family. And we talk about how she manages marriage, family and a having an enormous online resource that spreads all kinds of good news. We also talked up a pretty impressive book list that you’ll want to check out for yourself and for the kids in your life.

I can’t wait for you to meet sweet Sarah! Here’s the interview on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 63.


What Sarah would tell her 20-year old self:  Do it afraid. Do it unprepared. You’re a lot stronger and more capable than you think you are.

You can’t always be prepared, but God can be there in the middle of it, and He’s got your back. ~ Susie Davis

We receive grace for everything right when we need it, but not a moment before. ~ Sarah McKenzie

On fear: We don’t have grace for what happens in our imaginations. ~ Sarah McKenzie


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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)