Favorite Things in Round Top, Texas

Welcome to the Dear Daughters Podcast: Round Top Round Table edition! My daughters Sara and Emily are here with me to inspire you to all kinds of creativity! And we’re also here to let you in on all our secrets to make the most of the Round Top Antiques Fair.

Emily revealed that she feels like the best version of herself at Round Top (and loves the kettle corn). Sara loves staying in Round Top because she gets to flex a different creative muscle and be imaginative there. I love how freeing Round Top feels. It’s a whole beautiful experience! We hope you get to experience that feeling someday, too, in your creative mecca – wherever it may be.

Here’s what we suggest if you’re headed to Round Top:

  1. Get McDonald’s coffee on the way.
  2. Wear the flower crown!
  3. Don’t go too crazy on the shoes…go for endurance.
  4. Bring cash (lots of cash).
  5. Marburger has the nicer antiques (and real potties).
  6. Warrenton has lots of smaller vendors and lots of variety.
  7. The parking lot across from the Warrenton Market gas station donates it’s proceeds to Young Lives.
  8. Look at the schedule and make a game plan ahead of time.
  9. Weekends are busier than weekdays and the first and last weekends are the craziest.
  10. Don’t get overwhelmed…just enjoy yourself!

Some of our favorite vendors in Round Top:

  • Kilgore’s Modern Country
  • Dead People’s Stuff
  • Wimberly’s on the Square
  • The Compound
  • Dee’s Antiques
  • Excess 1 & 2 (Warrenton)
  • Blue Hills
  • Market Hill
  • Bella’s Candles (gotta get Emily’s fav French Quarter Gardenia)
  • Ettiene Market
  • Magnolia Pearl

I hope you get to go to Round Top someday. But if you don’t, I encourage you to find a little Round Top near you. Most of all, I hope that you can ways to feel creative and imaginative and free any day and every day.