Find Delight in Your Days

I hope you’re getting away some time this summer. Just anywhere that will get your attention.

We are at the tail end of some vacation time in Estes Park with family – including the patriarch of the Davis side – the ‘real’ Will Davis. Pictured here with his son (my husband), Will Davis, Jr.


We’ve been eating lots of deliciousness. (Check out these cheese grits … ) And sitting on the porch listening to Sara strum while we sip a little wine and stare at the Colorado sunsets.

Double delight.

The week has reminded me to simply enjoy life. And to love and enjoy people. And God.

As much as I appreciate the fact that many God loving people are intensely committed to living a productive life, part of God’s plan is that we enjoy this time we’re given.

To eat. And drink. And celebrate life.

Now, maybe you don’t need a reminder. But when I read this article recently about the fact that we’re a no vacation nationand that we work like robots well, scary.

Robots don’t eat and drink. And robots don’t do relationship. Though it’s difficult to turn off work (especially in the middle of wacky economic times!) – there is a reason to take a breath and celebrate.

To find satisfaction in your work … and find delight in your days.