Finding Joy Amid Anxiety: Spotlight Mentor Session with Jaclyn Helton

Welcome to my first Spotlight Mentor Session. If you’re on the lookout for a mentor, it’s an opportunity for you to hear what it would be like to have a mentor sit down with you and ask questions about your life. If you’re curious about being a mentor, it’s a chance for you to hear how easy and natural it is to create space for a younger woman to reflect on her life.

I’m thrilled for you to meet Jaclyn. She’s 19 years old. She goes to the University of Texas. She loves Jesus. And she has a lot of questions about life and wishes for someone a little older and wiser to talk to about all the things. I think a lot of us wish for that, too.

Let’s start with who a mentor is…

  • Someone a couple steps ahead of you.
  • Someone who is curious about your life.
  • Someone willing to listen and ask the right questions.
  • Someone who wants to be with you in the good as well as the messy parts of your life.

This week we’re drinking coffee and talking through a few of Jaclyn’s questions:

  • What does it look like to live with joy?
  • How do I handle confrontation with love?
  • How do I handle my anxiety in a healthy way?
  • What does it look like to be light in dark situations?
  • How do I protect myself but still stay tender-hearted?

I hope that you have someone a little older and wiser in your life. And I hope that you find practical ways to live with joy and peace, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.