Finding Joy in Hard Times | Meredith McDaniel

We’re still talking all things JOY on the Dear Daughters Podcast because I want to help you bring a little more joy to your everyday life. This week we’re looking at joy a little differently because a lot is going on in the world … we’re going to talk about the search for joy in the midst of hard things.

Meredith McDaniel is an author and counselor at her practice, Milk & Honey Counseling. Meredith is a beautiful soul and she is joining me this week to talk about the desperate plea for all of us … “God, how can I find you?”

Joy almost sounds frivolous when there is so much despondency around us. When our world is threatened, we feel our fear and worry and anxiety rise. We’re often trapped inside a false reality of having hope, wishing for what was … rather than facing the discomfort and acknowledging that we’re out of control. It’s then that we’re really in a position to release ourselves to joy. Because there is a hope that abides in the middle of where you are, no matter where that is. When we rest in knowing it doesn’t all hinge on us … that’s where freedom and joy start to enter the picture.

I hope that you open your eyes to the love notes that God is leaving just for you and know that you are not alone. I pray so many things for you … that you rest in knowing it does not all hinge on you, that you see the hope in the middle of it all, and that you can hold the joy next to the hard things.



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