Finding, Keeping & Loving Our Friends | Bailey Hurley

One good friend changes everything.

I have a treat for you, friend. It’s a final episode from The Story Series and feel that it’s the perfect time to share it with you. If you missed The Story Series (episodes 185 through 193) I hope that you will go back and listen here. It’s all about stories because I love stories. I love to ask questions, I love knowing people’s stories, and I love that when you dig deeper, those stories always leads to an awe of God and his goodness. My guest for this episode is Bailey Hurley, and her story is no different.

Bailey Hurley is a treasure. She lives in Denver with her husband, Tim, and their two children, Hunter and Liv. She has a M.A. in Leadership from Denver Seminary which she uses to build meaningful community and ministry along with all the things God has taught her through her own friendships. Bailey also offers friendship events, coaching calls, and more to help women all over navigate their friendships. And she used all of that experience to write her first book, Together is a Beautiful Place: Finding, Keeping, and Loving Our Friends.

Bailey and I talk about how to make friends, how to deepen those friendships, how culture has affected our view of what friendship is and how to adjust expectations. We also talk about how to evaluate a friendship and recognize when it’s time to part ways, how to have hard conversations, and the importance of reconciliation. I think that you will be encouraged and learn so much from Bailey … so listen in!

I pray that you find meaningful community where you are. I hope that you you have the courage to be vulnerable and to have the hard conversations and to give grace and to do the work to build a healthy, beautiful friendship.