Finding Purpose Through Your Story | Emily Boone

Your story will lead you to your purpose.

That’s why I love stories. I love to ask deep questions and hear other people’s stories. Because that’s when you encounter the awe of God. Welcome back to The Story Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast!

This week my daughter Emily Boone is on the Podcast! She takes beautiful photos for a living … helping capture people’s stories in little moments. She has a beautiful perspective on story and so much wisdom to share. I’m so glad you’re here to listen.

Emily loves the story of Moses. She loves that, “the beginning of his life didn’t necessarily foreshadow the glory that was coming later in his life.” She says that the scripture itself is evidence that the things that you live through can inform who you’re made to be, what you’re meant to do, and how God is meant to use you.

Your story will lead you to your purpose. There’s no universal step-by-step way to find it because everyone’s story is so unique. But Emily has a few tools that can help in that journey.

  1. Study your story. Look at the highlights and pain points in your life and find themes.
  2. Take inventory of you. What are your passions, desires, gifts?
  3. Look at what you have, what’s in your hands. What opportunities or tools do you already have?
  4. Pray. God wants to do this with you.

It’s OK if you don’t fully know your purpose … but I hope you know that there is always purpose right where you are.

I hope that you are able to trace the dots from Moses’ story to your story … that maybe you can see pieces of what God did in his life in your own life. I pray you know that where you are right now is important … but I hope that share your story and look for what God has for you.



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