God is not finished writing your story

Oh, friend.

If you find yourself in the middle of a confusing time or a dark time or a ‘does God even care about me?‘ time, I have some GOOD NEWS: God is not finished writing your story. It’s not over yet.

God is not finished writing your story. Susie Davis

Nope. Not yet. We’re all still breathing so we can know with certainty God’s not done yet.

And there’s something else that’s important to remember. All those bad things in your life? He somehow manages to bring about good. One of my all time favorite authors says it this way:

You must learn to be strong in the dark as well as in the day, else you will always be only half brave. ~ George MacDonald

Hold my hand, let’s stand strong in the dark today believing no matter what is going on in our lives that God is present, God is active and God is crazy in love with you and me.

A favor please? For three minutes, will you watch this video and remember God’s not done writing your story?


Little prayers everywhere.

Much love.