Hilliary Cheatham (dear daughters episode 17)

I thought I could pour myself into ministry and make the pain go away. But God started breaking down walls, helping me look honestly at my pain, and teaching me how to really grieve.  ~ Hilliary Cheatham

In this episode of the Dear Daughters podcast, I talk with Hilliary Cheatham. She is a story-telling photographer in China as a missionary. She lives and works at Show Hope.

Hilliary is also a very dear daughter of mine. She roomed with my daughter, Emily, when they were at Baylor, she lived in my house post-grad and helped me immensely during the season I was writing Unafraid and dealing with an ongoing pain syndrome.

She is bright joy, constant hope and I know you’ll love hearing how even the hardest thing couldn’t touch her trust in God.

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Big God Dream … something so big that only God could accomplish it. It’s an ask so enormous – only he could make it happen in your life. Big God Dreams are so grand that it would have to take his favor and his action. They are scary and audacious which is not a bad thing – because they’ll chase you right to him. ~ Susie Davis

… none of those who wait for You will be ashamed.

Do you have friends who will ask you hard questions? People who give you permission to be not okay?

My wellness depended on me learning I couldn’t fix everything and everybody. ~ Hilliary Cheatham

How do you live with joy despite hard circumstances?


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