Holly’s Cherry Cobbler

This recipe – it makes me miss the Walsh family.

I met Gary Walsh (center), his sweet wife Holly and their boys (L – Tyler, R – Aaron) over 2 years ago. Seated is their uber obedient Maggie. She is not at all like our Mary Spoon.

Gary is the reason I’m on the radio. He spotted a talent I didn’t know I had – and revealed an assignment I didn’t even know God had for me. Gary Walsh was my mentor for all things radio. I love him for that. I also love that he relentless tortured me on air. Just for kicks, I found this to prove it:


Told ya.

Anyhoo, I also love his sweet wife, Holly. She’s charming — and a FABULOUS COOK! I’ve had some delicious baked goods at her house but my all time favorite is Cherry Cobbler …

There are cherries, of course. A dash of salt and some corn starch. But what I really feel like we should focus on is the pie crust. Mmmm.

It’s not hard to make. (Banish the idea of ever buying pre-made crust again.) Just lightly mix the flour, salt, oil and water. Do not over incorporate.

Roll it out between waxed paper. And you can see … it’s not uber mixy moo at all.

The recipe says to layer strips of dough across the cherries. I did. And then, I added leaves.

Dot with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Pop in the oven and then …

it’s gorgeous.

Dribble a little cream … and you’ve got ridiculously delicious.

Holly’s Cherry Cobbler

Cherry mixture = 2 cans (16 oz) cherries * 1 1/2 cups sugar (I pie the cherry pie filling and don’t add any sugar) * dash salt * 1 T. cornstarch * butter

Pie crust =  3 c. flour * 1 t. salt * 3/4 c. oil * 10 T cold water

In a 9 x 13, mix cherries, sugar, salt, and cornstarch. Dot all over with butter. To make crust, mix flour, salt and oil.  Add cold water. Mix thoroughly and roll our to 1/8″ thick between waxed paper. Cut into 1′ strips. Layer strips across dish, then length wise, then diagonally. Dot with butter and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake at 425 degrees until golden brown. Wonderful served with whipping cream (unwhipped) or Blue Bell ice cream.

And oh! You need to know that that pie crust recipe is delicious for any pie you might want to make. I use it for my buttermilk pie all the time. It’s a winner!