Homemade Pancakes

I have a theory about pancakes: They make you feel like a great mom.

No matter how ridiculously dysfunction you feel ~ you get up and make homemade pancakes for the family ~ you’ll feel better. They’re magic that way. I promise. And they’re so stinkin’ easy ~ we really all should make the magic more often.

So because pancakes make magic and because it’s National Pancake Day  … I’m sharing the recipe for Jay’s Pancakes.

This is Jay, circa 1964. Completely adorable. He wasn’t making pancakes just yet. But he probably could have if he wanted. Quite the resourceful, responsible brother even at that age.

And here is his pancake recipe. Truth be told, this might have come out of a circa 60’s cookbook ~ I dunno. But Jay mastered making it and in my mind anyway, they’ll always be Jay’s Pancakes. :)

Jay’s Pancakes

1 1/4 c. flour * 3 t. baking powder * 1 T. sugar * 1/2 t. salt * 1 egg, beaten * 1 c. milk * 2 T. oil

Combine dry ingredients. Add together ~ milk, oil and beaten egg. Stir all ingredients in a bowl with a rubber spatula. Do not over mix. You should have a few lumps still in batter. Drop the batter on a hot, buttered skillet and flip when the bubbles start to show little tiny holes. Top with butter, maple syrup or even powdered sugar (Sara loves everything with powdered sugar.)

Quite delish. And terribly easy. The great thing about this recipe is ~ the batter is super fine sitting in the fridge a couple days.  So you could double the recipe and have homemade pancakes all week.