How to Create a Home You Love | Kennesha Buycks

The joy is in creating.

Welcome to The JOY Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! It’s all about finding joy in the places and things and people closest to you because I want you to have the joy in your life that you are seeking. This week we are wrapping up the first part of the JOY Series, talking all about creating a home you love.

This week, I have Kennesha Buycks with me (again!) to get her perspective on creating a beautiful home.

Kennesha lives in Seattle with her husband and four kids. She created Restoration House, a home and lifestyle brand that focuses on finding and celebrating the story of each home, and her new online shop where she sells unique and antique things she finds. I love her perspective and creativity and wisdom and can’t wait for you to listen in to our conversation.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the things we don’t like in our home. When that happens, Kennesha asks the question, What can you do? Kennesha believes that the joy is in creating. There’s always something we can add to bring in a little flavor and joy to your home. And she has so many good ideas for how to do that.

I hope that you can find joy in creating and ”storying” your home, whether you add a little bit here and there or take on a big decorating project. I hope that this first part of The JOY Series has been inspiring and empowering … and I pray that you find joy in a home that you love every day.



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