How to Deal with Disappointment | Liz Carter

Suffering from a lifelong disease, I’ve been told I can’t possibly be contented. Contentment happens to us because of circumstances, after all – right? But what if contentment found in Jesus is something that everyone can experience? Something we can chase and then catch hold of?

Meet Liz Carter. She’s an author and blogger who writes about life in all its messy, painful, joyous reality. She likes Cadbury chocolates and turquoise, in equal measure, and lives in the UK with her husband, a church leader, and two crazy teens.

Liz is the author of Catching Contentment: How to be Holy Satisfied. The book digs into contentment in difficult circumstances. I’m delighted to introduce you to Liz because she can talk honestly about “rejoicing in the Lord, even in the rubbish of life.” And we’ve all got rubbish in life, right?

I’m excited for you to meet her.

Here’s Liz!

Liz’s letter to her younger self

Dear Younger Liz,

Here’s the thing I want you to know most of all, though: God hasn’t let you down. God’s not given up on you, or made you sick deliberately, or refused to heal you because you don’t deserve it. God loves you passionately within your illness, and something else, too. God feels your pain. Sits next to you and weeps with you when it hurts too much, holding your hand, saying ‘I’m here.’ God has never forsaken you or left you alone, even in those times you feel more alone than ever. It’s like David says in Psalm 139 – even our darkness is light to God, and God will be there wherever we go, whether to the heights or to the depths. And God’s right there in your depths, dear one, so hang on. Keep on holding on.

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