how to make coffee in a percolator (for sara)

Does anybody remember when coffee wasn’t about driving through Starbucks or little plastic k-cups in the garbage? When coffee wasn’t a snooty thing ~ just a delicious, comforting, everyday sort of thing?

percolate coffee

I’m sharing this for you, Sara Davis, because you keep forgetting how to make coffee in the percolator. And I don’t want you to miss the simplicity of brewing it the old-fashioned way. The way your grandma and great grandma made coffee.


  • Melitta wrap coffee filters … hard to find. I ordered online.
  • Open filter and place center hole in stem.
  • Add 1 tablespoon coffee to 2 cups (water measured on inside of pot).
  • Next, fold all four corners into center stem.
  • Place metal cup on stem in percolator.
  • Then all the tops in place.
  • Plug in, dear one.
  • Done and done.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Now, go make some old-fashioned percolated coffee for your college friends.

It will astound them.


PS. I miss cute, creative little Laura Lee who made this video. Enough Baylor, Laura Lee, com’on home to Austin!