how to make whipped cream ~ pie o pie

Yes, this is an instructional-ish video on how to make whipped cream …

Why write about whipped cream? Because it makes people happy. And whipped cream is well-loved.

Coffee loves whipped cream. Fruit adores whipped cream. And pie, well … let’s just say they’re meant for each other.

So I’m posting an instructional video because somehow, somewhere an impostor whirled his way into some pie recipes and I am here to tell you the truth: Cool Whip is an imitation of whipped cream. A fake. Like that poser pie crust you find at the back of the grocery store.

Please, let’s make sure real whipped cream ends up with pie happily ever after …

Whipped cream is easy. Free form. No set measuring.

And just 3 little ingredients: heavy cream * powdered sugar * vanilla

(but if you want to get all crazy, spice it up with cinnamon, ginger, a dribble of amaretto … anything you like!

Then turn on your favorite tunes, flip on the mixer and watch the transformation right before your eyes.

Things to know:

  • the bowl & beaters should be ice cold before starting (pop in freezer for 10 minutes before use)
  • whip until stiff peaks form ~ do not over-beat-because-you-will-be-sorry-so-sorry
  • make a little extra to share with your coffee and fruit

love your life today ~ it’s a gift!