How to Share Your God Story | Michelle Brigance

Welcome to the Dear Daughters Podcast! It’s time for a new season and I am so excited about this one. It’s all about stories. I love stories. I love to ask questions, I love knowing people’s stories, and I love that when you dig deeper it leads to the awe of God.

I am just delighted to introduce you to this week’s guest. She is Missions Pastor at Austin Christian Fellowship, wife to John, mom to Parker and Ben (and new daughter-in-law, Dani) … and dear friend to me! Her name is Michelle Brigance and she has an amazing story.

Listen in as Michelle shares her story from her first impression of God and experiences with the church to teaching at church and sharing Jesus with countless people … and then shares what she discovered to be the most important things to remember when you talk to others about God, like watching your words, not pretending to have all the answers, and expressing your faith in a tangible, down-to-earth, everyday kind of way.

I hope that Michelle’s story is encouraging to you. I pray that you are loving those who don’t believe that same things as you, asking questions, listening to what’s on their heart, and being with them as their story unfolds. I pray that you see the awe of God in other people’s stories … and in your own.



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