jamie ivey of the happy hour (dear daughters 4)

Today on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode #4, I talk with Jamie Ivey about her relationship with her husband and her honesty with him about her past. She says the things she’s done yesterday or twenty-five years ago don’t define her, only Jesus does. We also talk about her best marriage tips, the writing process, some favorite books and her newest success in the kitchen.

Jamie Ivey is a writer, speaker and she has a fabulous podcast called The Happy Hour. We met years ago when we were both on the radio here in Austin. She and her husband, Aaron, have four kids. She loves reading, date nights, adoption, Jesus, Mexican food, and traveling.

jamie ivey

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Show Notes

against all grain

Things to Think About

Before they got married, Jamie told Aaron all about her past. She’s a believer in complete authenticity.

“Things I’ve done yesterday or twenty-five years ago don’t define me, only Jesus does.” ~ Jamie Ivey


“Writing is a singular process but publishing a book is group art.” ~ Susie Davis

Jamie’s best marriage tip: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

“My prayer is that there are spiritual mamas that step into the lives of all dear daughters.” ~ Susie Davis

“My favorite recipe is Aaron with an apron on.” ~ Jamie Ivey

“If you’re thinking: I’m so used. How can I ever start over? Well, here’s the answer: Jesus.” ~ Jamie Ivey

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