Jan Johnson | Dear Daughters Episode 33

Jan Johnson is  a spiritual director, speaker, instructor at Richmont Graduate University, and writer of 22 books (!!). She says that everything she writes or speaks on flows out of these three areas: spiritual formation, partnering with God in caring for the voiceless, and living with purposeful intentionality. Isn’t that lovely? She lives in Simi Valley California with her husband, has two adult children and two little grandbabies. In Heaven we’re going to try to live next door to each other. ;) I can’t wait for you to meet her today.

Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 33.

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 Jan’s explains a session with a spiritual director as: “Two people sitting together and listening to the Holy Spirit.”

Susie defines a spiritual director as “a spiritual mentor who helps you listen.”

Why would you not want to talk to somebody about your life with God at least once a month? ~ Jan Johnson

Ministry presents hard things, but it also is a front row seat to glory in a lot of situations. ~ Susie Davis

We study the Bible, but that’s taking a look at a candy bar. Meditation is tasting it.  ~ Jan Johnson

Solitude is really the foundation of all spiritual disciplines. If you want to break the cycle of hurry, solitude is a good way.  ~ Jan Johnson

‘Hurry’ is what rips 1 Corinthians 13 out of the Bible. Hurry is my way of saying, you are not important and you do not matter. ~ Jan Johnson

Disciplines don’t have to last forever. It’s like getting at the heart of what’s going on, rather than the practice itself. ~ Susie Davis

We need to be careful about ‘shoulding’ ourselves or others. Part of that is about accepting people as they are. A lot of it is about realizing that God is the Great Inviter. God doesn’t beat you over the head. ~ Jan Johnson

God invites us into obedience and says, obedience works better. ~ Jan Johnson

If God chooses to wait for our obedience, we can wait for obedience from others instead of forcing it on them. ~ Susie Davis

In the Gospels, Jesus took an immense amount of time with one person. ~ Jan Johnson

Real compassion will be filled with justice, and real justice will be full of compassion. It seems to us that you either have to be harsh and right, or sweet and a pushover. But Love is doing what’s best for someone. ~ Jan Johnson


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