Jess Connolly | Dear Daughters 37

Oh y’all, it’s so hard to list everything Jess Connolly does in one little paragraph. Jess is a teacher, writer, entrepreneur, wife, mother of four, and church planter. One of her greatest joys is gathering with women and being as honest as possible with them about how good God is and how much He loves them.

She writes online at, is the founder of the All Good Things Collective, and pastors Gospel Community Church with her husband, Nick. She helped co-found She Reads Truth and The Influence Network, and co-wrote Wild and Free with sweet Hayley Morgan. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her family, and she loves coffee, color, and the local church. Her new book, Dance Stand Run is out next week!

I can’t wait for you to meet Jess.

Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 37.

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We should dance in grace, stand our holy ground, and run on mission. ~ Jess Connolly

We’re all experts on grace and holiness and mission if we’re in Christ. ~ Jess Connolly

Jess talked about how her rhythm of drinking had started rattling the idea of whether God was the best thing. Are there any rhythms in your life that challenge whether or not Jesus is the best thing?

If I’m working from rest and taking all I need from God before I ever give out to anyone else, I don’t collapse at the end of the day. ~ Jess Connolly

Sometimes people want you to tell them what to do because it’s slow and difficult to ask God and wait on His answer. ~ Susie Davis

It’s important for us to ask ourselves why we’re doing things and then give ourselves a little side-eye like, “Really?”  ~ Jess Connolly

When you’re willing to ask yourself hard questions, the Holy Spirit can talk.  ~ Susie Davis

Fluidity is the thing that keeps you healthy whether in your church or in your own individual life or in your family life. ~ Susie Davis

Holiness gets such a bad rap because we’re always talking about the negative side of it rather than all these positive sides of what we can do as holy women of God. Not even what we’re supposed to do or what we should do, but what we get to do. ~ Jess Connolly

We want constraint and we want boundaries, but we forget that so much of holiness is about what we get to do and what we’re empowered to do. ~ Jess Connolly

Three things we GET to do as holy women of God: Pray, Read the Word, and Speak Life.

When I’ve communed with God, I don’t immediately go to my mirror and think about how big my butt looks. When I have spent time with the Lord, I am so at ease. I’m so much more expectant. I don’t struggle with comparison as much. I want good for other people.  ~ Jess Connolly

What can’t you do after you’ve talked to the Lord? What area can you really not feel freedom and victory and at least hope in after talking to Him? ~ Jess Connolly

I think there’s this prevalent fear in Christian culture that we’re not going to do it right… but what if we just miss out on the abundance He has here? What if we just miss out on the heaven-on-earth piece? ~ Jess Connolly


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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)