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If you want to stay on the right path with God and walk forward fearlessly, these are the things you need: humility and gratitude. It is very hard to get into the trouble relationally, spiritually, vocationally if your life is typified by humility and gratitude. ~ Jimmy Myers

As a licensed professional counselor and Owner/Executive Director of The Timothy Center, Dr. Jimmy Myers focuses on helping others find God’s solutions to life challenges.  In the many years of ministry to teens and their families, Dr. Myers’ experience has shown him that it is never too late to turn a family around.  Dr. Myers has spent more than 25 years writing, ministering, and speaking nationwide on the subjects of discipleship, teenage life, and Christian parenting.  He and his wife, Beth, are the parents of 3 children and their spouses, and proud grandparents to 4 grandchildren.

Jimmy is the co-author of the forthcoming, Fearless Parenting, with George Barna. I’m excited for you to get to meet him today. Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 26.

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Instead of thinking my life should be peaceful and tranquil and wonderful with only occasional shots of tumult, actually God promised it was going to be a war. ~ Jimmy Myers

Never EVER did God say, “Everybody retreat!” No. He said the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church. ~Jimmy Myers

If you have a lot of head knowledge but if you’re not healthy emotionally, then you present this rigid, legalistic picture of Christianity. ~ Susie Davis

We preach about grace, we sing about grace, but most of us act like we wouldn’t know grace if it came up and bit us in our hindquarters. ~ Jimmy Myers

Instead of trying to parent the way that God parents us, we get mad that God doesn’t parent like we do. God allows negative things into our lives. He disciplines those that He loves. He doesn’t parent like us because He knows that’s an emotionally crippling way to raise a child. ~ Dr. Jimmy Myers


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